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Very Cautious Investors in Sri Lanka

A very cautious investor is usually described as follows

Very Cautious investors typically have very low levels of knowledge of financial matters and very limited interest in keeping up to date with financial issues. They are unlikely to have experience of investment beyond bank and other related accounts.

In general, Very Cautious investors usually prefer know that their capital is safe rather than seeking high returns, which means high profits and cash flow. These individuals are not comfortable with the idea of investing in the stock market and would rather prefer keeping their money in a bank of their preference.

Very Cautious investors usually avoid anything that looks like a gamble. They can take a long time to make up their mind on financial matters and will usually suffer from severe regret when their decisions turn out badly.

If the above characteristics describe you, then you are a cautious investor and you would prefer certain financial products in your financial life.

Choose and compare the financial products in Sri Lanka that match your risk-return profile.

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