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Who are Adventurous Investors In Sri Lanka

An adventurous investor is usually described as follows.

If you are an adventurous investor, you would typically have high levels of financial knowledge and keep up to date on financial issues. You will usually be an experienced investor and must have used a range on investment products in the past. You may also take an active approach in managing your investments.

In general, Adventurous investors are happy to take on investment risk and understand that this is crucial in terms of generating long-term return. They are willing to take risk with most of their available assets in order to generate higher long term return.

Adventurous investors will readily take gambles where they see the potential rewards as being attractive. They will usually be able to make up their minds on financial matters quickly. Though they can suffer from regret when their decisions turn out badly, they are able to accept the fact that the occasional poor outcomes are a necessary part of successful long-term investment management.

If the above characteristics describe you, then you are an adventurous investor and you would prefer certain financial products in your financial life.

Choose and compare the financial products in Sri Lanka that match your risk-return profile.

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